“Then They All Got Into Their Dark Blue Suburban And Drove Away.”

Almost every day the US Postal Police tell us to leave the Berkeley PoKristie-and-Tip-leaving-the-loggiast Office. We don’t leave. They leave.

This morning at 5:00 was no exception. Five postal police officers woke up the two defenders of the public postal service who were asleep on the dry loggia of the Downtown Berkeley Post Office. The cops informed the occupiers we were “breaking the law,” that the USPS owns the post office, and that we had to leave.

Kristie, in the company of his very friendly dog “Tipa,” interrogated the cops, asking if they knew the law they were trying to enforce, if they knew who wrote the law, if they knew when the post office was built, if they could prove they were truly human, etc. The answers to all his questions were “no.” He then stood for a few minutes on top of an inverted milk crate and stated he was not on postal property. This exchange took about twenty minutes, near the end of which the cops got impatient enough to ask if Kristie refused to leave. His response: “Do I look like I’m refusing? You woke me up at an ungodly hour. It takes extra time for me to get organized this early in the morning. Be a little patient. I’ll get off the porch and wait till you’re gone, then I’ll move back.”

With Kristie off the loggia, the cops then approached the main structure of our defense of the Berkeley Post Office: the “We The People€” tent where we keep our leaflets, tables, chairs, a couch, and all the other equipment necessary for living out-of-doors in this weather. Again they told us we were breaking the law and had to leave. As we’ve done eleven or twelve times since Nov. 2 (I’m having trouble keeping count), we refused. One of the stalwarts pleaded with the cops to arrest him so he could file a lawsuit. We were asked if we refuse to leave, to which we replied “Yes!” One of the cops said they were “just doing their job.” Then they all got into their dark blue Suburban and drove away.


Mike Wilson, Berkeley Post Office Defenders

1 thought on ““Then They All Got Into Their Dark Blue Suburban And Drove Away.”

  1. That’s government for you — inefficient to the max. If they weren’t paying to maintain their own unnecessary internal police force to engage in urgent work like harassing people engaging in freedom of speech on public property, maybe they’d have enough money to provide postal service and not keep making cutbacks and selling off assets, ya think?

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