Timeline of the Richmond Post Office Fight.

Courtesy of Alicia Gallo, a Richmond Community member.

Timeline of Events

  • January – Feb: Notice of disposal action posted
    • Jan 25 – When contacted by office of Mayor Tom Butt, USPS responded that the notice had been posted in error, intend to sell was not accurate and that action related to the relocation proposal needed to be conducted first; Many community members and elected officials sent letters.
    • On January 26- councilmember Martinez drafts an agenda item contesting the notice to sell the Nevin Street post office after being alerted to the notice by a constituent.
    • February 8- resolution passed and letter sent to post office officials.

  • May 5: Potential Relocation of Post Office Notice of Public Meeting & Comment Period and USPS Letter to Mayor Tom Butt posted
  • May 16: Notice of Public Meeting published on USPS website
  • May 31: USPS holds public meeting; 30-day public comment period initiated
    • USPS representative present: Dean Cameron. Meeting was well attended by Richmond community. All public comments opposed relocation for a variety of reasons; community members also expressed concern for lack of note taking/recording of comments by USPS, fears that the meeting was formality and that comments would not be taken into consideration, concerns that notice about the meeting was not sufficiently shared with community, requests for USPS to share the economic factors/data that they used to determine the post office as in excess, strong opposition to relocation site due to location/insufficient accessibility to those with disabilities, rely on public transportation, work hourly jobs. Richmond Main Street & Mayor’s Office took comprehensive notes (see attachment).
  • June 15: Iron Triangle Neighborhood Council hosts Town Hall meeting
  • June 30: USPS public comment period closes. Richmond Main Street and the Mayor’s Office facilitated collecting and mailing at least 250 letters and 113 online petition signatures.
  • August 10: Final Decision Regarding Richmond Main Post Office posted. Letter from Tom Samra, USPS addressed to Mayor Tom Butt, announcing the agency’s decision to move forward with the relocation, closure, and sale of Richmodn Main Post Office.
  • August 21: Involving the Public notice announcing initiation of Section 106 process and 30 day public comment period posted.Packet of materials related to finding sent to consulting parties, including Richmond Main Street.
    • RMSI received reports from a community member that these documents were not available at the post office. When contacted about this, USPS staff Ann Sarver, replied that if “anyone truly interested would contact me as all forms of communication are posted”. Conflicting dates on various documents regarding Section 106 process created confusion regarding duration of 30-day period. We feel this is a clear demonstration that USPS process is not being conducted in a way that is truly considering the needs of the community or their input.
  • September 13 – October: Mayor’s Office, in concert with Congressman DeSaulnier’s office, in contact with USPS (Tom Samra) regarding City of Richmond’s offer to purchase post office. USPS sale offers are not financially feasible and are restrictive; requests for data related to assessment of property are opaque; City’s cash offer to purchase building and maintain retail post office operations on site are rejected, citing financial benefit of consolidating retail/distribution/carrier operations. (Mayor’s Office may be able to provide additional details about this).
  • Late September: USPS representative (David Perez) contacts Richmond Main Street about the organization holding the covenant for the building. Request to receive information in writing ignored; USPS disclosure that the covenant is a formality and would not hold significant financial responsibilities is not accurate.

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