City Council Passes Post Office Resolution. Will the Postal Service Take Notice?

Only July 30th the Berkeley City Council passed a resolution calling for dialogue with the Postal Service over the future use of the downtown Post Office at 2000 Allston Way.

In an article written by Judith Scherr the next day, Councilperson Linda Maio, sponsor of the resolution, noted that postal officials have never listened to the city and was quoted as saying “I’d just like to get them to talk to us.” 

Maio also said “the post office should initiate a pilot program of postal banking and use the rear of the building for civic purposes such as government administrative offices or nonprofit programs.”

Unfortunately, Postal officials seem to be as deaf  to community involvement as they have always been. As Scherr reported

Ruiz further contended that the downtown post office “already has full services.”

Reminded that there is no longer package pickup or bulk mail processing downtown, Ruiz argued that those services are easily available just a mile away on San Pablo Avenue.

But there is some hope. It’s not up to Ruiz. He said “…the request for a meeting would go to district postal officials.”

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