Yes on Measure R – Which Includes the Zoning Overlay for the Post Office – Comes Out in Full Regalia for Solano Stroll.

Solano Stroll is a yearly street fair in North Berkeley and Albany. Happening close to the election, it attracts political action groups, and this year was no exception.

The ‘Yes on Berkeley Measure R‘ Committee, which includes members from Berkeley Post Office Defenders and Save the Berkeley Post Office, put on quite the show, marching down Solano with a stiltwalker, streamers, umbrellas and green and white signs, passing out flyers supporting Measure R along the way.

Sallie Nelson, BPOD and SBPO veteran, organized the entire march.

JP Massar is riding shotgun in the car in the first picture, Harvey is driving with the ‘Stop Staples’ T-Shirt, and the stiltwalker to the rear. Sharon is in the right front in the 2nd picture, with a ‘Save Our Public Post Office’ sign in the background. There was also a booth, as you can see in last picture below, up Solano at the old Oak Theatre, masterfully put together by Sophie Hahn (not pictured), one of the measure’s proponents.



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