Occupyin’ Staples! Jammin’ the Sale!

At the beginning of June some Occupy San Francisco peeps took up stations outside of a Staples in San Francisco, protesting Post Office privatization and union-busting, and stayed there, 24-7, for nine days, garnering national attention.

Now they’ve come over to the East Bay, to Berkeley, setting up a table in front of the downtown Berkeley Staples store at Shattuck & Durant.They’ve been there for three days and counting. Visitors welcome, but don’t shop at Staples!

Here is the Facebook page they’ve established (with lots more pictures from both Berkeley and San Francisco) which goes by “First They Came for the Homeless.”

Meanwhile, Berkeley Post Office Defenders has been busy organizing for a “Jam The Sale!” event. If you’re a musician check it out below and let us know, or if you know any musicians, ask them to check out our flyer, send them our way and let BPOD know they are interested!



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