We’re Planning to JAM THE SALE!

A Musical Mobilization to Stop the Sale of our Post Office

 From morning to night musicians will play on the Berkeley Post Office steps proclaiming our community right to retain our Post Office and protesting the privatization of public resources.  

Berkeley Post Office Defenders thank all the musicians who have given their time and energy for the past two years to stop the United States Postal Service (USPS) from selling Berkeley’s beautiful, historic, publicly owned Main Post Office building at 2000 Allston Way. The building has been emptied of almost all services except for a couple of understaffed retail windows, but no sale has been announced.

This fight is now at a crucial juncture, and all musicians who care about the public commons and the public good are invited to help win it once and for all. Please come to the front steps of our post office, with your friends and families and fans, and play music! Sign up here so we can find you when the event is scheduled.

Things are happening fast.

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released a surprising and welcome observation that far from being an obsolete institution, the Post Office is ideally suited to provide nationally plenty of necessary and even profitable services, from internet access and package delivery to basic banking. The OIG also released a report finding that USPS has failed to meet its responsibilities under the National Historic Preservation Act to protect the public art, architecture and history our Post Offices hold, recommending that no sales take place until those issues are adequately addressed.

The Plan to Play

The OIG’s next report is expected to address the sales themselves. Our plan for action to stop the sale of Berkeley’s Main Post Office is to meet the release of that report with a demand for immediate withdrawal of our post office from sale. And we will make this demand with the persistent resistance that only music can sustain. From morning to night musicians will play on the post office steps under banners proclaiming our refusal to have our postal services discontinued and our building stolen:

“Haven’t you heard us yet?

Our Post Office is Not for Sale!”


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